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#189 The Tale of Dr. Serial Killer [Part 1]

July 11, 2021 Roseanne
Killafornia Dreaming Podcast
#189 The Tale of Dr. Serial Killer [Part 1]
Show Notes

On March 13th, 2008, the citizens of Omaha, Nebraska were shaken as news broke that there had been a double murder in Dundee, one of the city’s normally quiet, affluent neighborhoods.  It was a mysterious crime that, on the surface, made no sense.  It was abundantly clear, however that whoever this murderer was had gone there that day with that purpose and that purpose alone - to kill.  It was a crime that left detectives scratching their heads.  Days, weeks, months, and ultimately years would pass without any clues or evidence pointing towards any suspects.  The case grew cold and the city of Omaha were left wondering - was there a killer among them?  

5 years and 2 months later, on Mother’s Day of 2013, Omaha would be struck yet again by another double murder...and it brought the first double murder case back to life.  Evidence at the scene left no doubt that these 2 cases were connected, leaving investigators faced with the terrifying possibility that they were dealing with a serial killer.  And it brought about a renewed sense of urgency to get these cases solved and the killer behind bars.  Today, we are going to examining these murder investigations to try to find the answers to some burning questions - how did these 4 people, who had no obvious connection to one another end up murder 5 years apart in eerily similar ways?  Why were these people targeted?  Who was responsible?  And we are going to try and figure out if important clues were overlooked early on that, if investigated thoroughly, could have prevented the second double murder from happening.  This is the 189th episode of Killafornia Dreaming...the Tale of Dr. Serial Killer.  


Pathological: The Murderous Rage of Dr. Anthony Garcia by Henry J. Cordes and Todd Cooper

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